What you need to know about a new home - Greystone Homes has the answers

Whether you are a first-time homebuyer or already own a home, buying a new home can be a stressful and confusing time.  At Greystone Homes, we believe in ongoing communication with the buyer - from initial contact with our seasoned and professional sales and décor staff, throughout construction, and well beyond closing with our dedicated Customer Care Team.  With that in mind, we have noted some of the questions that we get asked and have provided some answers for you.

Q: Can I get pre-approved for a mortgage?

A: Yes, Greystone Homes has mortgage specialists at each of our sales centres that are available to answer any of your mortgage-related concerns.

Q: Do all lots have a sidewalk?

A: Generally, placement of sidewalks varies from site to site depending on the development parameters, approvals and the Municipal policies.  The Greystone Homes sales representatives at our sales centres will usually have specific answers for you based on final approvals by the municipality.

Q: How close are the schools?

A: The Greystone Homes sales representatives will have information available for you regarding local schools, and the local school boards will have the most up to date information as the subdivision homes are occupied and school requirements are known.

Q: When do I get to choose my colours and décor upgrades?

A: You will get an invitation from our Décor Studio within a few months of making your purchase to come to a Décor Seminar where you will receive information on how to prepare for your colour appointment and what upgrades and extras are available to you.   Subsequently, you will be able to browse through the Greystone Homes Décor Studio in preparation for your colour appointment.

Q: Will there be any new releases in the projects?

A: You will be able to obtain information for any new releases if you click on the Greystone community you desire on our web site.  This will guarantee that you receive information on any new lot releases or Grand Openings.

Q: Where do we get mail?

A: You will need to register at the local post office prior to taking possession.  Just take two pieces of identification and a copy of your Certificate of Completion and Possession with you.   The Greystone Homes Pre-Delivery Orientation Specialist will provide you with information on the location of the designated post office.  You will pick up your mail at the local post office until the Canada Post Community Mail Boxes are permanently installed in your subdivision.

Q: Is there public transportation near by?

A: Most Greystone Homes communities have local or regional transit service nearby, as well as easy access to GO bus or train service.  Your Greystone Homes sales representative will have more information specific to your community, or you can visit the municipal web site or gotransit.com

Q: Can I visit my house while under construction?

A: We understand that you will be curious about the progress of your new home as it is under construction, but we discourage you from entering any of our construction sites for safety reasons.  Greystone Homes makes its best efforts to arrange a time for each homeowner to take a guided "frame-walk" through their house while under construction however, this is subject to scheduling and time restrictions. If available, the walk-through will take place during the day between 9am and 3pm, Monday to Friday.

Q: Can I make changes to my colour choices or extras?

A: Once you have had your appointment with our Décor Consultant and signed for your upgrades and colours, Greystone Homes will be scheduling the construction and immediately placing the order with our suppliers, any changes subsequent to that could cause a delay in your closing and as a result are not permitted.

Q: If I am unable to close on the deal, do I get my deposit back?

A: Greystone Homes provides each purchaser with a conditional period to review the agreement with a lawyer and to obtain financing approval.  Once the deal has firmed up, no deposits are refunded.  Your Greystone Homes sales representative will review the agreement terms with you in detail and answer any questions prior to signing.

Q: When will I get my driveway paved and sod layed?

A: In Greystone Homes’ experience, we have found that driveways need to settle properly before any asphalt is installed, so our policy is to install a base coat of asphalt approximately 1 year after occupancy, once curbs & sidewalks have been completed.  Subsequently, sod can be installed starting in the spring through to the fall.

Q: When does fencing get installed?

A: Greystone Homes does not install community fencing as part of the purchase price, unless it is required by the subdivision agreement with the municipality for corner lots or lots adjacent to the Community Mail Boxes.  Your Greystone Homes Sales Representative will be able to provide you site-specific information when you visit any of our Sales Centres.

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